Tablet PC

Guys ,when purchasing a tablet PC , you should factor in the cost of the various accessories you will also need . You can't simply buy a tablet PC , carry it with you everywhere , and expect it not to get scratched or damaged , for example . Additionally , you'll probably want it to be a bit more functional than the default "out of the box" status . That's where the following accessories for your tablet computer will come in handy .
External Keyboard
Unfortunately , one of the drawbacks of tablet pcs is not being able to type very easily . Yes , there's a keyboard that comes up on the screen with all the keys , but you don't want to be doing an extended amount of typing with it . The portability of a tablet is fantastic , but if you're going to be typing a lot , it might be worth investing in a portable external keyboard .
HDMI Cable
If you need or want to display your photos , movies , presentations , etc . on a large screen ( at work , for example ) , you will definitely need to check the specifications of the tablet you're considering . What ports does it have ? Will you be able to connect an HDMI cable directly or will you need some kind of adaptor ?
Most home-users of tablet PCs probably won't have any great need for this , but if you will be using your tablet in a professional environment , having the ability to connect via HDMI is a must-have feature . Adaptors and cables are cheap , but you need to ensure your device is able to handle HDMI .
Camera Connector
This varies quite a lot across the different models of tablet PCs . Some make it very easy to transfer your photos using USB or some other standard technology whereas others require the purchase of additional accessories . As with the external keyboard , make sure you are clear on whether you need to buy any extras if you plan to take a lot of pictures with your tablet ( or need to add pictures to your tablet ) .
Also , is it simple to transfer directly from your digital camera ? Is there direct connectivity between devices or do you have to download from your camera to your computer and then transfer to your tablet ? Apple , for example , has a special "kit" making it easy for iPad users to transfer directly between camera and tablet . If you need to transfer files from your camera often , make sure you find out the exact process otherwise it might end up being quite frustrating . If you think you'll only need to do that once in a while , it's probably not a big issue .
Digital Stylus ( pen )
There are three reasons a stylus is useful . Firstly , anyone doing design work or needing to sketch concepts at meetings , etc . will find a stylus an invaluable accessory . Secondly , if you prefer to take notes with a pen ( and/or don't have an external keyboard ) , this will be a comfortable way to take notes directly to your tablet device . And lastly , some people prefer using a "pen" to navigate around the screen and control what they're doing .
Fortunately , a stylus isn't an expensive accessory so if you think you'd prefer controlling things with a pen , this "digital compromise" might be for you . And if you have a need to add handwritten
notes to your reports , brochures , presentations , etc . then this is the simplest way to do that .
Protective Case
Tablet PCs aren't cheap so spend the extra money for a case to protect it . The number one thing to guard against is scratches . With the whole thing basically being one big screen , you don't want to end up with scratches all over it , do you ? Tossing your sleek new tablet in your bag with your keys , pens , loose change and whatever else is a sure-fire way to destroy your screen in no time .


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