Facebook Disadvantages

Friends ,facebook has killed the privacy .people up and upload photos , add friends , comments on other profiles , tag photos uploaded , not content with that goes more videos , manages events , tag people in the videos , add to strangers , subscribe to groups to raise awareness tastes , enter your school information and vocational training , who their family members , label photos and videos , close Facebook , Facebook opened again , log on to the mobile from the browser home from work , cab .
Facebook users enter their tastes in film , books , religious preferences and choices , and sex , marital status , their idea of a perfect date , ask questions , answer them , participate in polls , updates the wall with his emotional state or to share notes and links , click advertising , bans others that are not of interest , spend hours of hours Zynga games , spend money on new interest virtual indicates what you like.
Are we really aware of everything that we share ? Facebook has to have total control of our privacy ,we can not even have a respite from so much social pressure and the circle of friends who upload your photos Invite us to join the network , add more friends to tag and everything else .
There comes a time when we do not know much information we have shared in the social network and this is dangerous , only add to our friends is not a restriction , just set our level of privacy that is as controlled as possible either , be on the network yes . We are really who we have control of the information we got : Fallacy . Read the privacy policy of accepting only in passing and find things that can scare you .
Is Addictive
Facebook on the mobile computer in the home , at work , in our tablets , irrespective of your operating system , just depending on your browser . If we have a smartphone can become maliciously biased to occupy much of our time . We use it almost without realizing it , whether you only want to publish a new post on our wall to express that we are happy or sad about something .
Whether you want to invite our friends to an event . "Only a little while" we can say in a vain attempt to fool ourselves apart from the most important pending tasks such as working or studying for a big test at the university or institute . Hits van , clicks come , time goes on , the clock runs at a speed Facebook much slower . Then return to reality at once we are aware that the minutes became hours , we sailed in dozens of pages almost without realizing it .
Facebook knows , Facebook has created this addiction , and we have fed , as the mobile-phone addiction interdependence of feeding the network with the users' time and content . All are on Facebook : Presidents , politicians , comedians , personalities , singers , journalists , church . That right sidebar that contains advertising of our friends and others is your goal : If we're seeing the invitation to an event , next we will see which of our friends are going , and make it more uncontrollable anti-cliques : Pictures of our friends .Maybe some new .
Just navigate to that blessed always welcome where it is mixed sidebar advertising alerts our friends , and go on and online . We lost all sense of uncontrolled saturation content . We visited a profile , we see mutual friends , new photos , new state , global updates , clicks , clicks on advertising . Facebook uses the
animal sense of our own : a social animal , always in groups , but , inadvertently , also long time settings .
Is Antisocial
Facebook is built , like many other networks ( with different degrees of impact ) , labeled on the premise thatwe are social beings , so we set up a social network . But this digital social network has limitations , and had said something of this in the article : Facebook is NOT a social network . Then now we go a little further , we reached the bottom and climb to analyze from a social perspective that affects us all . . . all we have Facebook , and we have friends who have Facebook .
As always , the hand of all these problems represent the disadvantages of Facebook appears once more : mobile . If you are lucky or unlucky to have a smartphone you have given you that you walk constantly logged into Facebook to see you again there in the profiles of your friends . If you're not connected , Facebook ensures that you somehow reconnect to its "social machinery" or notificiaciones sending alerts to your mobile phone screen as your email , and if you're online : Updates throughout with ajax .
Being aware of our real social world through a virtual environment away from us , almost without realizing it , our real social relations : tangible and just looking up from the screen and see around us .

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