4G Technology

Guys ,have you thought about going wireless with your Internet connection ? The technology certainly exists. In fact , it is being improved more every day . Gone are the days of slow dial-up modems or even slow wireless Internet options that do not use the new 4G technology .
You may have heard of this technology before . It certainly is revolutionizing the way people surf and work on the Internet . If you have no idea as to the benefits of 4G , then continue reading . This is meant to be a basic crash course of the benefits of this Internet technology .
First , you no longer have to be tied down to one location in order to connect to the Internet . It was really only a matter of time if you think about it . Currently you may connect to the Internet either through dial-up modems , hopefully you have already left behind this ancient form of Internet access , or wireless Internet , through the use of a satellite or DSL cable . However , these options still keep you stationary . There is a limit to how far away you can get from the wireless receiver ; and if you have a modem , you cannot go farther than that 20-foot cable , if not less . Yet , with 4G your entire city may be covered . This means you can access the Internet wirelessly no matter where you are . You can be in a park . You may be in the waiting room of your doctor's office . As long as you fall within the expanded hotspot , which can literally cover your entire city , you can connect to the Internet .
Second , you can enjoy all the benefits of high speed Internet , even those types of activities online that are better with real time communication , such as online games or chat . This means that you can stream your favorite live television shows , your preferred sporting events , download movies , or even video chat . You do not sacrifice speed for the capability of having a mobile Internet connection .
Third , it's easy to begin enjoying 4G technology . Depending on which company you use , it may be as easy as receiving the USB modem in the mail , plugging it in , and enjoying your high speed wireless Internet . Furthermore , for such a new technology that plugs you into the worldwide web no matter where you are , it is not expensive at all . It's not any more than the plan you likely already have for DSL or satellite Internet .
Finally , it can improve business efficiency . You will no longer have to wait to arrive in the office to send the email with all those attachments from you computer . You won't have to rely on a small screen , handheld personal digital assistant to make all your business correspondence . While those are good for scheduling and sending quick emails between business partners , they are not ideal for
sending longer emails , emails with attachments , or power points or other media that you generally store on your laptop computer . They have their limit . Whereas , wireless Internet connected to your laptop has far fewer limits .
Many people have already switched to this Internet technology in order to improve the way they do business ? The technology is there . It is accessible and inexpensive . It keeps them mobile and efficient .

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