Which phones are better: iPhone or Samsung Galaxy?

Well, let me give you a new perspective to think about them which will help you choose better.

If you are concerned about saving your time, go straight for an iPhone. But if you aren’t that concerned, buy a Galaxy.
$ads={1} Okay, let’s discuss this statement.

Samsung Galaxy and iPhone both are great brands. They make exclusive, full of life, and feature-rich smartphones.

However, Galaxy is better off with:

  • Great Screens
  • Lots of Free Apps
  • Headphone Jack
  • Ability to download almost anything directly on your phone
  • If there is a paid app, there is almost certainly a free (but copied) version of it available
  • Lots of customization

Bottom line: You can make it look like your own

Now, when it comes to iPhones:

  • Sense of exclusivity
  • Better eco-system (if you have all Apple devices)
  • Great cameras
  • Better browsing security (safari is more secure than galaxy’s browser)
  • Lots of high-quality apps
  • Apps don’t require out of the way permissions
  • Exclusive iBooks, iTunes and radio podcast makes it a great choice if you love reading and listening to books
Bottom line: Not for everyone but perfect for those who love a clean, seamless experience
Now about the time thing. Samsung’s smartphones let you customize everything. It often costs you a lot of time. Sometimes, you’d be unintentionally spending hours changing the wallpaper or setting icons.
Whereas, there is no such problem on the iPhone. While some people criticize an iPhone for not offering enough customizability, I personally find it great because it saves you from wasting massive amounts of time.
The ball is in your court, go for what your heart tells you.

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