How to prevent From ransomware attacks

Ransomware is a type cyber attack which uses malware to affect the files on the computer by holding them hostage so that the user has to pay a sum of amount in order to to release the affected files. Once the files falls into the trap of ransomware attack it cannot be accessed through any means unless and until it is released by the group which has caused the attack.

Who is Affected by Ransomware?

All kinds of business which are done online are affected including small scale and large scale business. Sometimes cyber criminals even target home computers just so they can get some extra money as they have poor security. Even some of the organizations will be targeted as they have vast databases and needs to be protected all the time. These organizations pay to keep their networks safe from attacks by ransomware. But those who cant afford to get security will be easily targeted.

Can Ransomware be Prevented?

$ads={1}Ransomware can be prevented by following some of the simple procedures:

  • First of all the data should have a backup. So if there is an attack on your data by ransomware, you can easily get the data restored and don’t have to fall for the ransom demand.
  • Another way is to keep an up to date security suite. A good security suite will prevent from almost all kinds of attack on data.
  • It is wise to keep the software and Operating System updated as it will help in prevention of any kinds of new malware attacks.
  • It will also be better if the extension of the files present in the data to have visible file extensions. By doing that we can tell if any suspicious file extension activity is present in the data.
  • It will also be helpful to avoid visiting suspicious websites and clicking on anonymous links and webpages.
  • Do not open emails sent by anonymous persons who may be trying to harm you. By staying away from such links you can help yourself stay out of trouble.

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