How can We earn from AdSense through app?

I think admob is a good choice for app.

Know about admob:-

Make Money with Your Apps Through AdMob

Coming up with a great app idea and going through the process to create it takes a lot of effort. The hope for most app developers, is that they can reap the benefits of that effort by making money from their app(s). Here is how AdMob helps you take a smarter approach toward mobile app monetization.

Show Ads

To maximize your revenue with display ads, you must have a sizable user base and a solid idea of who your users are. With this information, you’re ready to sign up for AdMob to begin earning revenue from publishers placing targeted display ads in your app. You can set filters to ensure the ads being displayed are relevant to your app users. You also have control over the types of ad formats you allow. Choose from banner ads, full pages interstitials, video ads, and native ads.
$ads={1} Cross-Sell Your Other Apps

If you have other apps, you can promote them to your existing app users with house ads.


Mediating with the AdMob network (and over 40 third-party networks) allows for the maximum fill rates to help you increase your earnings. You can also enable ad network optimization to generate the highest CPM from your mediation stack in real time.

Take note of these best practices:

Avoid Disruptive Ads

Video ads that autoplay before ever letting you into the actual app are a great example of a disruptive ad. Your ads should win over your user without affecting their in-app experience.

Use Relevant Ad Content

The more targeted your ad content, the better your ads will perform - resulting in making more money from your app. With AdMob, you can dictate which types of ads show up in your app, ensuring that they are relevant to your users. For example, if you have a travel app, displaying an ad for suitcases is more relevant to the user.
$ads={2} Use Ads to Improve the User Experience

You can place ads in such a way that they actually enhance the user experience. Sticking with the travel app example, you can display ads for ridesharing services or hotels while users are navigating through your app. These types of ads provide value to the user, making them more likely to take action. Geo-targeted ads or giving users access to exclusive deals are other user experience focused ads that help boost revenue.

Regardless of the mobile app monetization approach you choose, make sure the ads act as a natural part of your app to ensure getting the most possible revenue.

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