How To Increase Android Battery Life (11 Tips)

Android device are used widely and become our new generation phones. Android devices are popular because of there are attractive features including fast internet, Video calling, Audio and Video at HD quality, camera, installing custom ROM and UI etc. Android device support multitasking and multiprocessing that is we can run several programs at the same time for example we can listen music and play internet at the same time. Due to large account of personal data so security and privacy is also main issue. I recommend to install best screen lock apps.
As many programs or Apps we run on our device, the most common issue we all face is, our device battery get discharge soon. Battery backup is also become a problem with the multitasking. There are several reasons for discharging our battery soon including hardware problem, overcharging, background running Apps, increase internet usage etc. If your are also suffer from this problem then we are going to discuss few tips to increase your phone battery life. 

Best Tips to increase Android Battery life.

1. Check The Apps Which Is Using More Power

In our Android device there are several apps installed and consume different amount of power. We have to observe which App consume what amount of power to remove or turn of its power consuming features. You can check this by going to Setting > About phone > Battery use.
Android battery usage checkup

2. Stop Unnecessary Services  

In our Android device there are several background services which consume our RAM and battery. So we have stop such services. For doing this go to Settings > Applications > Running services. In the next screen you will find a list of services with their RAM amount usage. We can turn off services like software update, email and other services you are not using currently. this will increase your battery life.
Android stop unwanted apps settings

3. Turn Off Bluetooth And WiFi After Usage

In our Android device we use Bluetooth and WiFi for data sharing  and internet access. When we turn on Bluetooth or WiFi radio wave generator start generating waves and consume our battery. So we have to turn off Bluetooth and WiFi after usage this will increase your battery life.
Turn Off Bluetooth And WiFi After Usage

4. Reduce Multitasking

In our Android device we run multiple Apps at same time. If we are running more Apps it will consume more amount of  CPU, battery and get it down. Because processor have to process more apps simultaneously it will increase its burden. So close the Apps which are not used by you currently. It will increase your battery performance.
Reduce multitasking on android

5. Turn Off Internet After Use 

In our Android device we often remains our internet connection when we are not using it. Several Apps uses this internet and make them update automatically. It will consume our battery because processor have to process these apps. Also we get notifications from different messengers and they run in background. So we have to turn off our connection after usage.
Android turn of internet after usage

6. Turn Off GPS

In our Android device the GPS receiver is turned on by default. When this receiver is active our Android device search for satellite and its processor sent the information to App which need it even if there is no Apps installed in our phone that is no using GPS. So we have to turn off GPS when there is no need of it. We can do this by go to Settings > Security and Location > Enable/disable GPS.
Turn Off GPS on android

7. Turn Off Your Hotspot After Use.

Android another important feature is hotspot. With the help of hotspot we can share our phone cellular data connection with laptop and with another phones. When we turn on hotspot feature then our phone data connection travel on radio waves which is captured by another device . Hotspot feature also discharge our battery soon so we have to turn off this feature after use to improve our battery life.
Turn off hotspot on android to save battery

8. Decrease Display Brightness Or Set To Auto

Display brightness is another factor which effect our battery consumption. If we increase our display brightness Android display led take more power to illuminate pixel color density. So we have to decrease our brightness to visible extent to increase our battery life and protect our eyes also or even best way is to setup at auto so it adjust according to lightening.
reduce brightness on android for battery life

9. Turn On Power Saver Mode

Power saver mode is one of the most popular features which is specially available in Samsung Mobiles. If you have Samsung or other mobile which support power saving mode then you should turn power saver mode to increase your battery life. Power saver mode close all unnecessary services and process and decrease the display brightness etc. 
Turn On Power Saver Mode android

10. Avoid Overcharging Of Battery

When we plug our phone for charging then we have to take care of how much time the phone take to fully charged. After full charging we have to remove our charger because overcharging will damage our battery and also heat our phone components. So we have to take care of battery charging  time. Even thair are some application which alarm when battery get fully charged.
Avoid Overcharging Of Battery android

11. Buy Extended Battery

When you need to replace a battery always buy original company battery to get long battery life. If you want more power backup then you should buy extended battery then previous one. If you have  2000 mha battery previous then you should buy 24000 mha or more power battery and follow above tips.
So these are few best battery saving tips for android. I hope by implementing all these will help to increase android battery life.


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