Make Your Laptop As Wi-Fi Router To Share Internet For PC Or Phone

How To Make Your Laptop or notebook As Wi-Fi Router Or Hot spot To Share Internet On PC Or Phone  .To day i am going to tell you a nice trick to make your laptop as Wi-Fi hot spot or router.Suppose you have a iPhone or Android or may Symbian having Wi-Fi and you want to use internet via wifi in your phone.Or may be you internet package in your mobile just Run out but still you want to use internet on your phone.Then this trick sure help you.We know that wi fi is great to sharing internet.And you can share you internet via wifi from laptop to android or iPhone or may Symbian or nay high end phone having wi-fi.I have seen many post where people make their laptop wi-fi router or hot spot using ad hoc method.But in this method you can only share your internet to another PC not phone.As when you will try to search the Wi-fi network you will get that no network found. So this method not useful.Then what to do ? just follow the step.

Step 1.Connect your PC to internet, Download this software Connectify
Step 2. Install it and reboot your PC then on your PC wi-fi
Step 3.Now open the Software , for free version click on try
Step 4.Put a name in Wi-Fi name option
Step 5.Put a password
Step 6.Select your PC internet , in Internet to share option .

Step 7.Select you laptop wi-fi in Share Over option
Step 8.Select the Sharing  mode of password , select WPA2

Step 9.Now click on Start Hotspot
Now enjoy you wi-fi router or hotspot.

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