Lock And Unlock Your PC Using USB Flash Drive

We like our own PC and don't like if other person use it , so always we want that nobody get access my PC.And the basic method to protect our PC data from other people is just using password.But now you can lock and unlock your PC using USB Flash drive or Pen drive.Its look cool.When you plug the USB drive it will be unlock and when you remove your USB Flash drive or Pen drive it will be locked , looks like bond movie.So how to do this cool stuff? 

Step 1: Download and install Predator.
Step 2:Plug your USB drive and open the software Predator
Step 3:Now you will get dialog box making request to create password , click OK to proceed.
Step 4:Click on Preferences tab and create a password in the new password option , this is backup if you lost your USB drive.
Step 5:You can tick Always Required box for asking you password when you will use USB drive to unlock PC
Step 6:Now select the drive where your USB flash drive is mounted
Step 7:Now click on Create Key then click on OK to exit.

Now restart Predator again , if the icon turn green then your Predator is working.So how does it work ,  it will check is that USB drive is plugged in for a 30 second time period.If it found that USB is not plugged then your computer become dim and lock down.So enjoy this nice tool to protect your PC     from other people and keep your data safe. 

Thanks for: http://www.innocenthacker.in

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