How To Password-Protect Documents In Your Computer From Prying Eyes

There are times when we type things on our computer and save them on our computers yet we don't wish people to read whatever it is we have written and saved. For those who don't know how to protect what they have written from people who might have access to their computers other than themselves, using a password protected system to keep your documents from being accessed by other people is one thing that should be learned.

Create A Password For Your PC

One of the easiest ways for you to protect your documents from other people who might use your computer from time to time would be to create a password for your User profile. Your User profile can be locked so that only you can access it and other people can use the PC from another profile that can be for common use. To password protect your User profile:

1. You should first click on start then on settings and finally on Control Panel.

2. From control Panel, access the User Accounts and click on your User account.

3. Follow the steps for creating a password for your user account and apply it.

Create A Password For Your Word Documents

After you create a certain document you want to keep away the eyes of people you don't want to read it, you can always password protect it after you write it. This kind of a move password protects individual documents that you feel should be hidden from everyone else without having to create a separate user profile on your computer. Here are the steps you can use to do this:

1. You first choose options from the tools menu.

2. You then click on the security tab on the pop-up and you type in the password that is needed to open the document in the box provided for.

3. You will then click on OK after typing in your password and you will need to re-verify this password after you click OK.

4. You can then safely save the document and be secure that no one can read it without the password. You can only open this particular document after you provide the password.

Protecting your documents with the use of either a user profile password or a specific document password will help ensure that whatever you wish to keep to yourself will remain safely away from people you don't want seeing your documents and what they contain. 

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