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There are so many competitive email service providers on the Internet today . One of the most popular advertising-based webmail is called Gmail . You can access your email wherever you are even if you are far away from your PC or laptop . There are several great features that you will experience once you create your own email account with Gmail . The fact that you can send and receive email for free , you can also send text messages and even chat to different people across the world . You will also be able to identify which emails are important by labeling them or highlight them using the star button . You can also easily search for previous emails by simply typing any keywords , which are related to the email you are looking for . There are so many significant reasons why people use Google Mail or Gmail to connect to people in all parts of the planet .
One of the reasons why Gmail is very popular to all types of individuals is that Google created a mobile version called Gmail Mobile . People who own mobile phones or the so-called smartphones are now downloading and installing Gmail Mobile on their devices . The features and functions are almost the same as the desktop version and the service is also free . Many individuals are conveniently using the mobile webmail service and they absolutely love it . There are some system requirements that you may identify before installing the Gmail app to your mobile device . Make sure that your phone is compatible and you are good to go .
If you love using tablets like the iPad , you can now access your email using this trending device . Gmail on iPad is probably one of the most advance innovations that Google has to offer in the world of web-based mail . Apple and Google's collaboration on this breakthrough is simply one of a kind .
Another reason why people use Gmail is that you can test its new features even on those in experimental mode with the so-called Gmail Labs . The Spam filter feature is very useful as well , where you mark unwanted emails as spam . You can also try the Google Voice in Gmail chat where you can make calls anywhere in US and Canada for free as their initial promo . Your account will also be protected , as Google requires a cell phone number when you are
creating your account . You will also receive a verification code to verify your identity and proceed to the creation of your account .
Furthermore , there are many other reasons why choose to use Gmail . If you have no Google account just yet , register and find those awesome gmail features that you would surely love.

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