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Download Facebook Messenger for Windows

Download Facebook Messenger for Windows as a standalone desktop app with which you can use without visiting the website Facebook released the new Facebook messenger as a trial app and you can download and try it right now

Download Facebook Messenger

As you surf the web, you can use the Facebook Messenger for Facebook Chat with your Facebook friends, see the latest updates from your friends in ticker and get quick Facebook updates and notifications.

After installing Facebook Messenger, you can easily do Facebook login and logout by right-clicking the Facebook icon in Windows system tray. Once you open the app, the app is undocked by default so that you can move it around your computer screen, but you can dock the app and fix it on the screen also.

Choose the “Keep me logged in” option and Messenger will keep you logged in to Facebook even after you close your browser or navigate away from Facebook. Remember, choosing Exit will close the app but still keep you logged into Facebook; therefore choose Log out to completely logout of both the Messenger app and, especially if your computer has multiple users orpublic use.

Facebook Messenger has some limitations – unlike the website login, you cannot perform Facebook Chat with multiple friends, video calling, limit chat availability and edit settings as of now. You will need to go to your browser and login for that.

Download Facebook Messenger (.exe file). This will download a small .exe file, click that and it willdownload and install Facebook Messenger. The app will automatically install updates in future. Since this is a trial app, be ready to expect outages and periods of instability at times. System requirement says you need  Windows 7 (but I was easily able to download on my Windows Vista). You can uninstall Facebook Messenger anytime from Windows Control Panel.

You can also download Facebook Messenger App for mobile phones (available for Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone)


  1. Basically, Facebook has provided the Messenger version for PC through web browser, such as Chrome extension, Firefor add-ons. However, to update the latest version of FB Messenger for PC, you can click here to download and update for your PC now.

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